Nursery 1 Schemes of Work for Nigerian Schools


This is the official Nursery 1 Scheme of Work Nigerian Nursery Schools. The schemes compressed all the activities and skills that the National Curriculum expects of Nursery pupils into four core subjects – Mathematics, English, Science and Civic Education.

While private schemes separate the Nursery skills and activities into several independent subjects that soon become a challenge to fit into Nursery School Timetable; this scheme which is for both government and private schools keeps the number of subjects within the least number of subjects possible (4). This allows schools and teachers to cover more depth, practice more and focus on mastery of fundamental skills.




This Nursery Two Schemes of work contain 3 of the 4 subjects. These include:
1. Mathematics
2. English Language
3. Science

For each subject, this scheme contains all the topics for all the terms in both classes. Topics are broken down into weeks to make it easier for teachers to use.


This Schemes of Work are based on the National Curriculum of the Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council (NERDC).


Since the schemes are based on the National Curriculum, schools all over the country can make use of them.

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