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Our products and services are proactively envisioned and focused on bringing quality and true education to Nigerian learners, adding values to the teaching profession, helping schools achieve their objectives, making parents enjoy the true worth of their effort and for the overall development of the Nigerian society.
We specialize on the following:

Instructional Design and Content Development

Smart Classroom Setup

Instructor-Led Training

Students Coaching, Career Talks, Guidance and Counseling

Web and Software Solutions

About Us

About Us

We are an Education Research and Solution based group with focus on educational Technologies. Kick-started in year 2014, our aim is to change the surfeit test-centric education in Nigeria to that which focuses on teaching skills that place students on a trajectory to meet both test and skill demands of a modern society. LeadinGuides is about learning and teaching methods and materials that make it more meaningful and benefiting for students, teachers, the immediate community and the nation at large.

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Revolutionary Training. Transforming Instructional products. Technology-driven Classrooms. Warming counseling sessions and Objective-based websites/software that give an edge

We deliver our services professionally, and do it promptly.