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About LeadinGuides

LeadinGuides (Leading Guides) is an educational technology company registered in Nigeria with R.C.: 1967435. Our team is made up of professional teachers and education experts from all over the country.

We help schools to be efficient, maintain high academic standard and to attain sustainable growth. We help teachers to be the best at their job and to earn more. And we help students, and parents to support their children, to improve their academic performance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shift education in Nigeria from a knowledge-only/test-focused system to a school system that is balanced between real-life skills, knowledge and character, one lesson and one class at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make education more meaningful for students, teachers, schools and parents by providing quality EdTech solutions and the best teaching, learning and development guides.

Our Story

July 2014


LeadinGuides technically started in 2014 from an invasive discussion between two concerned educators. They discussed poor education in Nigeria. At the time, “poor education” implied mass failure of students in final examinations and the poor delivery of graduates.

Aug 2014

Research & Development

By the time the discussion ended, one of the concerned educators had decided to dig to the root of the problem. Hence, he made contacts and research began.

Aug 2016


At the end of the research in 2016, our company took off in 2016 as a subsidiary of Living Chips Nig. Ltd.

Sept. 2016

First Teacherpreneurship Workshop

We held the first education (“teacherpreneurship”) workshop at Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology (FCAPT). Nearly 100 educators from 30 schools participated.

Sept. 2016

Website Launch

We understood that a single campaign was not enough. So, we launch our website to promote substantive education.

Aug. 2017

Kano Summer Education & Tech Training

We held the Summer Education & Tech seminar to promote skills for 21st century learning environment.

Oct. 2019

Independent Education Seminar

Guest speakers from different universities and colleges of education and participants discuss topical issues in Nigerian education, ways out through the Nigerian Education Reformation campaign and aligning with recent development in global education system. 

May 2020

May Day Education Seminar

Topic: Instructional Design for Nigerian Classroom
Participants discussed strategies for innovative lesson planning for greater lesson efficiency.

Aug 2022

Independent Incorporation

The Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) incorporated LeadinGuides as an independent company trade under its own name and brand.

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We deliver quality educational products and services to help organizations achieve their objectives and help individuals to attain fulfilments. We do these with high sense of professionalism and ethics that each engagement takes us closer to making education more meaningful and benefiting for educators and learners.

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

We create step-by-step guides to help teachers, schools and parents on how best they can deliver the Nigerian National curriculum in a way that their students achieve the intended objectives for each lesson from Preschool up to SSS 3.

Teachers Training

Teachers’ Training

We train teachers to be able to do their jobs effectively, professionally and profitably. Our “teacherpreneurship” course helps teachers to develop the right mindset to earn more while contributing to the growth of their organizations.

Smart Classroom Setup

Smart Class Setup

LeadinGuides help schools to upgrade traditional classroom to smart modern classrooms that ensure that every student learns. We handle from classroom layout redesign to equipment procurement, setup & staff training.

Website Software Solutions

Website &

LeadinGuides team combines expertise and experience in both tech and education industry to create modern website for schools & teachers. We also help schools, teachers, parents & students to develop or select, implement and maintain software that meet their needs.

Digital Educational Marketing


We help schools and educators to promote their education business on search engines and social media using over 10 years of experience in both web development and education industries. We create landing pages, explainer and marketing videos, graphics and copies that deliver message and drive sale.

Students’ Career Coaching


LeadinGuides helps underperforming students to identify problem areas and scale up their performance. Our career coaching helps students to understand key career decision issues in Nigeria using research data and to help the students to discover the best career path for them.


Let’s work together

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Latest Guides

We are Nigeria’s #1 publisher of the most comprehensive lesson guides for schools, teachers, parents and students. In 2020, MEA Markets named LeadinGuides the Instructional Design company of the year in the African Business Excellence Awards.

Check out our latest lesson guides including lesson notes, lesson plans and tips below.

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