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Our first mandate is to serve premium guides on general issues to make education more meaningful and benefiting for all stakeholders – schools, teachers, and students. The focus is quality education for a better Nigerian society. All our general guides are free.

Consultation & Training

Apart from general issues, every school, teacher, student and parent has specific needs. Specific needs require peculiar approach & guide. We help you overcome the hurdles to success in the education space. In addition, based on common specific needs; we create professional trainings for schools, teachers and students to stay on top of their targets.

Ed. Tech. Solutions

Do you want to utilize educational technologies as leverage to attain greater objectives in education? We pride ourselves in blending deep education and technology expertise to achieve goals for individuals and organizations with figures to show for it. From overall school management, to learning solutions and marketing; we have had track records of success since 2016. Our LMS, ARCS & Website development solutions are unmatched.

We Offer You A More

Comprehensive GuideEffective SolutionPrompt & Honest Service

Tailored Solution

Other companies serve you as a CLIENT, but we serve you as a COLLEAGUE; Others a driven by PROFIT, but we are driven by PASSION; others serve you from their company office, we come down to become part of the your community.

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Some Of Our Case Studies

Some Recent Works We’ve Done

me mi - LeadinGuides


An NGO website to initiate online presence, drive collaboration and promote campaigns and participation.

LeadinGuides Partner MTC World

MTC World

We built the website and web app to help drive growth, facilitate enrolment and stay in touch with clients.

Farm Centre School

Farm Centre School

Instructor-Led Training for members of staff to align them with organizational goals, drive professionalism & exploit untapped school marketing opportunities

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


A job well-done! Thank you very much for your commitment and dedication. I shall be glad to recommend your services to friends and family.

Hussein Orekoya

Hussein Orekoya
ED, me.mi


We have done assessment of your job and we are very pleased with it. It couldn’t have been any better. It has all the features we asked for.  You have handed us the tool for growth and we will make use of it to the targeted ends. Yes, I have recommended your services to other firms already and will keep doing that. We hope to maintain a long-standing relationship with you. Thanks to your team

Abdulhamid Shehu

Abdulhamid Shehu
CEO, MTC World


I am really impressed. It was great working with you. The delivery is superb and timely. And yes, I will recommend you to as many people as I can. Thank you

Muhammad Taufeeq

Muhammad Taufeeq
Manager, Bin-Hajar Enterprise

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All our services are based on professional educational technological principles and we observe the highest moral and ethical practices in our operations

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