Introduction to Stories of History for Nigerian Children

“Stories of History for Nigerian Children” is an essential guide for both schools and homes. It offers a unique and engaging approach to teaching Nigerian children the virtues and values of legendary Nigerian heroes from the six geopolitical zones.

The post contains a collection of carefully crafted stories of legendary figures in pre-independent Nigeria. The stories are actual history retold in a child-friendly tone. They are designed to captivate the imagination of young readers, while also imparting valuable historical knowledge and moral values.

Research has shown that children learn faster through stories because they help to stimulate their imagination and create mental images that aid in the retention of information. By using stories, children are able to visualize cues, events and characters in a way that makes learning more fun and enjoyable.

This post is not just a collection of historical facts and figures, but rather a series of captivating stories that bring the past to life in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

At a time when indigenous values are been eroded, this is a tool to revive our cultural standards. This is the reason for the return of History to our Primary and Junior secondary schools.

It is a valuable resource for parents and teachers who are looking for creative ways to make learning about history more interesting and engaging for children. With “Stories of History for Nigerian Children,” children will not only learn about their country’s rich cultural heritage, but they will also discover the joy of reading/learning through stories.

Princess Inikpi of Igala Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. The name of the princess is Inikpi. Princess Inikpi lived in the kingdom of Igala, in Kogi state. Everyone in the kingdom loved Princess Inikpi because she was kind, brave, and wise.

She was the only daughter of the king and the king loved her very much. But one day, a big war started between Igala and another kingdom called Benin. The king asked a wise man how to stop the war and save his people. The wise man said that the only way was for the king to give his most beloved child to the gods. That meant Princess Inikpi had to die.

The king was very sad and did not want to lose his daughter. He did not tell her anything for many days. But Princess Inikpi saw that her father was unhappy and asked him what was wrong. When he told her what the wise man said, she was shocked and scared. But she also loved her father and her people very much. She did not want them to suffer or die because of the war. So, she decided to be brave and do what the wise man said.

She went with her father to a place near a big river. There, they dug a hole in the ground. She said goodbye to her father and climbed into the hole with nine helpers who would go with her to the other world. Then they covered the hole with dirt and stones. Princess Inikpi died for her people.

But her death was not in vain. The gods were pleased with her sacrifice and made a miracle happen. When the enemies came to attack Igala, they saw fire and smoke everywhere. They thought that someone else had already destroyed Igala, so they turned back and left. Igala was safe because of Princess Inikpi.

The people of Igala never forgot what Princess Inikpi did for them. They built a statue of her in the place where she died and named their daughters after her. They also told stories about her courage and kindness to their children and grandchildren. Princess Inikpi became a legend and a hero for the Igala people.

Stories of History for Nigerian Children by LeadinGuides Princess Inikpi
Statue of Princess Inikpi

Moral Lessons

From the story of Princess Inikpi, we learn some valuable lessons. We learn that we should be brave and selfless. Princess Inikpi showed these values when she sacrificed her life to save her people. We also learn that we should love our country and our people. Princess Inikpi loved her kingdom and her people so much that she was willing to give up her life for them.

Overall, the story of Princess Inikpi teaches us to be kind, brave, and selfless, and to love our country and our people. These are important values that can help us become better people and make the world a better place.

Mallam of Dendo

Mallam Dendo was a man who lived a long time ago. He was born in a place called Kebbi, which is now part of Nigeria. His real name was Muhammadu Bangana, but people also called him Manko. He was a Fulani, which means he belonged to a group of people who speak the same language and have the same culture.

Mallam Dendo loved to learn about Islam, which is a religion that teaches people how to worship God and be good to others. He travelled to many places to study with different teachers who knew a lot about Islam. He also taught other people what he learned from the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam.

One of the places he went to was Nupe, which is another part of Nigeria. The people of Nupe were very kind and welcomed him. They also wanted to learn more about Islam from him. Mallam Dendo became very popular and respected in Nupe. He also helped them solve their problems and protect their land from enemies.

Mallam Dendo was not only a teacher, but also a leader and a warrior. He fought bravely in many battles against those who wanted to harm the people of Nupe. He also made friends with other leaders and warriors who shared his vision of spreading Islam and peace in the land.

Mallam Dendo was one of the founders of the Bida Emirate, which is a big kingdom that ruled over Nupe and other places. He had many children who also became leaders and warriors after him. He died in Nupe at an old age, but his legacy lives on. Many people remember him as a hero and a heroine who did extraordinary things for his community and his religion.

Ladi Kwali

Ladi Kwali was a woman who loved to make beautiful pots. She was born in a place called Kwali, which is now part of Nigeria. She learned how to make pots from her aunt when she was a little girl. Ladi Kwali used clay and her hands to shape the pots and then decorated them with pictures of animals like lizards, snakes, and birds.

Ladi Kwali’s pots were so beautiful that many people wanted to buy them and display them in their homes. One day, a man named Michael Cardew saw her pots in a palace and was amazed by them. He invited her to join his pottery centre, where he taught her new ways of making pots with a wheel, a kiln, and different colours of glaze.

Ladi Kwali was very happy to learn new things and to share her knowledge with other potters. She combined her traditional style with new techniques and created pots that were even more beautiful and unique. She also travelled to many countries and showed her pots to people who admired them and praised her.

Ladi Kwali became very famous and respected as a potter and an artist. She also became a teacher and taught other people how to make pots. She received many awards and honours for her work, including being on the Nigerian money. Ladi Kwali was a woman who made the world more beautiful with her pots.

Ladi Kwali
Ladi Kwali


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