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What is a point, how much is it worth?

A point is a reward for an activity you perform on our website. 1 point is equal to ₦1.

How much can I earn?

You can earn up to ₦437 per day. This means you can earn up to ₦13, 110 per month.

Will I actually be paid?

Yes, you we actually send money to teacher’s bank account!

Once you earn up to 1,000 points or ₦1,000; you can request withdrawal and we will send your payment directly to the bank account your provided.

When am I paid?

We send payments between 1st and 5th of every month after hold period.

What is the “30-day hold period”?

Once you meet the withdrawal requirements and we approve your withdrawal request, your payment will be on hold for 30 days. This is to enable us to review all your earnings and validate that you have not engaged in any form of malpractice.

Subscribers of our annual plans are exempted from the hold period.

Can I loss points, how?

Yes, you can loss points.

We regularly check to make sure that each member’s earning is consistent with our policy and community rules and regulations.

We deduct points for anti-social activities, illegal practices and suspend/ban members for repeated fraudulent actions.

Below are the ways you may loss points:

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How do I request for payment?

To request for payment, click/tap here or on the request withdrawal under membership on the menu.