Terms and Conditions for Vendors


Date: June 6, 2020


This terms and conditions is an agreement between LeadinGuides Educational Technologies (LeadinGuides, or LeadinGuides.com) hereunto referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” and legally contracted Instructional Designers, hereunto referred to as “you”. Legally contracted Instructional Designers are individuals that satisfied the following conditions:

  1. expressly indicated interest (in written form) to join LeadinGuides in respond to our call for application;
  2. submitted their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to LeadinGuides through the official email (career@LeadinGuides.com) or official WhatsApp contacts (08067689217/08067349791)
  3. selected after perusal of the CV, training or interview
  4. offered instructional designer position in a written form
  5. accepted the offer as stated in the offer letter
  6. received the necessary writing instructions and materials from LeadinGuides;

submitted at least a complete material or a complete lesson notes for one full term and the material or lesson notes were approved to meet our accepted style and standards


As our Instructional Designer, you agree to the following usage terms of our website in relation to your position:

  1. For transparency, you shall receive email alert for every order of your materials on the website.
  2. Such order alert shall contain the personal contact data of the customer who ordered the material.
  3. You shall ON NO CONDITION directly contact ANY CUSTOMER nor give out ANY CUSTOMER’S personal data to another person, organization or platform without an expressly written permission from us.
  4. You shall ON NO CONDITION directly or indirectly use ANY CUSTOMER’S personal data for ANY other purpose other than in correspondence with us without an expressly written permission from us.
  5. Although you have access to the functionality of adding new product (lesson plans & notes) to our online store, you agree that you shall suspend the use of this functionality until further notice. This is because our website server is currently configured to handle minimal load which your use of the functionality may compromise.
  6. As a result of (5) above, we shall reserve the exclusive right to add and manage product under your account on the website.
  7. You agree that until further notice, you shall limit your use of your Instructional Designer dashboard to editing of your profile and viewing of sales report/your current commission level.
  8. You agree that we have the exclusive right to monitor your activity on the instructional design dashboard.
  9. You agree to accept full responsibility for any activity you carry out on your dashboard other than editing your profile and viewing the sales report/your commission level which compromise our website server.
  10. LeadinGuides reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review the Site and these Terms of Service from time to time.