Lesson Note Third Term (RNV) Civic Education Grade 3 Week 2

INTRODUCTION: This post with keywords – Lesson-note-third-term-Civic-RNV-Civic-Education-Grade-3-Week-2 is prepared based on (Ajogwu(PhD)) Standard Schemes of Work drawn in line with the new Standard Civic Education Curriculum (9-year Basic Edition) by the National Education Research Development Council. Civic Education is one of the major subjects under Religion and National Values (RNV) in the new national curriculum by Nigerian […]

How to Write Final Year Project Proposal in Computer Science and Information Technology

In one line This article with keywords: How-Write-final-Year-Project-Proposal-computer-science-Information-Technology provides final year undergraduate students of Computer Science or Information Technology with an authoritative but concise way of writing project proposals. Introduction In Nigeria, just as in other parts of the world, Final Year projects are considered as one of the core modules or courses for computer […]

The Nigerian Education Reformation

The Nigerian Education Reformation is an advocacy for, and promotion of ethical practices among education stakeholders to correct the many educational malpractices in the industry.

LeadinGuides plastic pollution


PLASTIC POLLUTION: ANOTHER THREAT TO THE MOTHER EARTH Human ingenuity has continued to change the annals of human history. Since the era of the Stone Age, human knowledge has substantially grown in leaps and bounds (beyond imaginable boundaries) such that what was hitherto considered inconceivable is today an event to reckon with. Judging from this […]



Every nations of the world whether regarded as first or third world countries are confronted with arrays of problems, ranging from social, economic, natural, moral and what a view. Many individuals have had to pay with their sacred life especially because they lack the coping strategies or because of weak infrastructural base to help in […]

Explanation standard lesson plan / note writing

Explanation of Standard Lesson Plan / Note Writing in Nigeria

Explanation standard lesson plan / note writing This post is a continuation of the introduction to standard lesson plan / note writing in Nigeria. If you are yet to, click here to read the first part. Part 2: The Actual Writing Now that you are familiar with the meaning, types and components of a standard […]

How Teach Shy Child

How to Teach a Shy Child: 10 Magic Guides

sHow Teach Shy Child  What is Shyness? Shyness is a trait, in which a child (or an adult) feels apprehension, awkward and tense during social encounters, especially with unfamiliar people. How to Recognize a Shy Child: Symptoms In the classroom, shy child tends to exhibit the following: Dodging your gaze – though this alone does […]

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