How to Calculate Weekly Class Percentage Attendance cover

How to Calculate Weekly Class Percentage Attendance

Introduction to how to calculate weekly class percentage attendance This post describes in simple terms how to calculate weekly class percentage attendance. Weekly percentage attendance is the percentage ratio of the actual turnout of the learners in a particular class to the expected turnout for a given period of time that school opens. In an […]

LeadinGuides Wins Instructional Design Award

African Excellence Award 2020 LeadinGuides Wins Instructional Design Award

;eadinGuides Wins Instructional Design Award On Monday, July 27, 2020; The LeadinGuides Team announced their 2020 Instructional Design award. Edward Faulkner, The Award Coordinator of the awarding institution – MEA Markets; communicated this to the team earlier that day via email. MEA Markets MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicizing the […]

meaning of Instructional design

Meaning of Instructional Design

Meaning of Instructional Design in brief In this post, meaning of Instructional Design, I give the simplest but professional meaning of Instructional Design. I present the meaning in a way that non-education professionals will easily understand. In conclusion, I briefly state a difference between Instructional Design and Lesson Planning. Introduction We have had many Instructional […]

August Instructional Design Training

August Instructional Design Training

Announcing the August Instructional Design Training We are glad to announce the commencement of registration for our August Instructional Design Training (ISD). Registration commenced on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Unlike the previous, which was primarily for our Instructional Designers; this training, we purposely designed for all, to meet the various needs of every school’s classroom […]

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