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604, 2022

Closing Attendance Register Termly

This post, Closing Attendance Register Termly, in one sentence This post, Closing Attendance register termly; provides step-by-step guides on how to correctly close students’ attendance registers for every term. This guide is for schools and teachers that use the traditional (manual) attendance register. However, schools and teachers that use modern Read More

2204, 2021

Lesson Plan Guide – Entry Requirement Guide in One Sentence

This Lesson Plan Guide - Entry Requirement detail how to correctly and easily write Entry Requirement in your lesson plan or lesson note. Introduction to Lesson Plan: Entry Requirement Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions during our Instructional Design training is the difference between previous knowledge and entry Read More

2101, 2021

How to Capture and Retain Learners’ Attention

How to Capture and Retain Learners’ Attention in One Sentence This post, How to Capture and Retain Learners’ Attention, discusses professional approach to make learners’ willing to learn. Introduction to How to Capture & Retain Learners’ Attention The problem Among the many feedbacks that I received over the last one Read More

1501, 2021

How to Calculate Weekly Class Percentage Attendance

Introduction to how to calculate weekly class percentage attendance This post describes in simple terms how to calculate weekly class percentage attendance. Weekly percentage attendance is the percentage ratio of the actual turnout of the learners in a particular class to the expected turnout for a given period of time Read More

2110, 2020

Setting Lesson Objectives

Setting Lesson Objectives in Summary This post, setting lesson objectives discusses the three domains of educational objectives. It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to set the objectives for each – starting wth the cognitive domain. Introduction to Setting Lesson Objectives Since I published How to Write Standard Lesson Read More

2807, 2020

Meaning of Instructional Design

Meaning of Instructional Design in brief In this post, meaning of Instructional Design, I give the simplest but professional meaning of Instructional Design. I present the meaning in a way that non-education professionals will easily understand. In conclusion, I briefly state a difference between Instructional Design and Lesson Planning. Introduction Read More

2107, 2020

August Instructional Design Training

Announcing the August Instructional Design Training We are glad to announce the commencement of registration for our August Instructional Design Training (ISD). Registration commenced on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Unlike the previous, which was primarily for our Instructional Designers; this training, we purposely designed for all, to meet the various Read More

607, 2020

How to Mark Daily Attendance Register

This post with keywords, how to mark daily attendance register in brief This post, how to mark daily attendance register is a guide for new teachers. It gives a concise definition of attendance register. The post also discusses the importance of attendance register. Finally, this post guides (new) teachers on Read More


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