Teacherpreneurship is the principle and practice in which a teacher applies entrepreneurial mindset and skills to innovate strategies for improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Teacherpreneurship is a combination of teacher and entrepreneurship. Within the context that we use it, a teacherpreneur is a teacher who creates business out of the process of improving education. Thus, while a teacherpreneur improves education, s/he also earns more.

Teacherpreneurship offers teachers the unique opportunity to contribute to educational leadership and policymaking. Instead of the strict bureaucratic structure which exclusively reserves regulation of learning activities for administrators and implementation for teachers; teacherpreneurship gives teachers a say in both processes.

Teacherpreneurs develop learning content that is consistent with existing standards but also more relevant for learners and the society. They focus on ease of comprehension for their students. They research on educational theories and strategies for fruitful implementation. More importantly, teacherpreneurs monetize their solutions as a business without leaving the classroom. Thus, they earn more and feel fulfilled while in the classroom.

How to become a teacherpreneur: Teacherpreneurship Training

Some teachers became teacherpreneurs unplanned, out of their natural desire to become highly effective. However, the easier and faster way to become a teacherpreneur is through teacherpreneurship training.

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