Introduction to First-Term-Basic-Technology-Lesson-Note-Primary-One-Week-1-2 This First-Term-Basic-Technology-Lesson-Note-Primary-One-Week-1-2 is prepared based on (Olatoye, The Scheme of Work plus 20 things You should Know about the New 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum, 2016, pp. 103-127). (Olatoye, 2016) drew the Scheme of Works in line with the new Standard Basic Technology Curriculum (9-year Basic Edition) by the Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council. […]


Lesson Note: Third Term Grade 1 Week 2 Mathematics

Name of Teacher: ________________________________ School:: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Period: usually first. Duration: 90 minutes – 30 minutes per period/day. Age: 9 – 12 years. CLASS: Primary One CLASS COMPOSITION: The class should be, as in most schools divided into two: fast learners making Grade Two A (Gold or something similar) and average/slow learners making up Grade Two B (Copper or something […]

Third-term-lesson-note-grade-one- english-composition-week-two

Third Term Lesson Note, English Composition, Week Two

Introduction This Third Term Lesson Note,  English Composition, Week Two (2)  is prepared based on Dr Ajogwu’s Standard Schemes of Work on English Language drawn in line with the new Standard Curriculum, 9-year Basic Edition by the National Education Research Development Council (NERDC).  Accordingly, the note is meant to be delivered in the second week of third […]

Lesson Note: Grade 1 Civic Education Third Term Week 2

Introduction This Lesson Note: Grade 1 Civic Education Third Term Week 2  is prepared based on the new Standard Civic Education Curriculum drawn by Dr Ajogwu Ejila in line with the (9-year Basic Edition) National curricular by National Education Research Development Council.  In is a second week, third term lesson note. Accordingly, the note is meant to […]

Basic Science Lesson Note: Term 1 Primary 1 Wk 1& 2

Basic Science Lesson Note: Term 1 Primary 1 Wk 1& 2

Basic Science Lesson Note: Term 1 Primary 1 Wk 1& 2 INTRODUCTION This lesson note is written in line with the new Nigerian National curriculum by Nigerian Education Research Development Council (NERDC) CLASS: Primary One SUBJECT: Basic Science TOPIC: Identifying things in the classroom INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Video clips or charts of future interesting activities to […]

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