Lesson Note: Nursery 1 First Term Mathematics Week 3

Intro to Lesson-Note-Nursery-1-First-Term-Mathematics-Week-3 I wrote this Lesson-Note-Nursery-One-First-Term-Mathematics-Week-3 based on the Nigerian National Early Childhood Education Curriculum. Particularly, I used the Pre-Primary Teaching Schemes that the Education Resource Centre, Abuja developed in 2014 – contact us if you want this scheme. This scheme is the same as those of the other 36 states’ education resource development […]


First Term Number Work Lesson Note for Pre-Nursery Week 4 – 6

Class: Pre-Nursery Term: First, Week: 4-6 Subject: Number work Topic: Oral counting of numbers 1-20 Writing of numbers 1-5 Recognition of numbers 1-10   OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: Count numbers 1-20 Write numbers 1-5 Identify numbers 1-10 Demonstrate/internalize the concept of numerical values of numbers 1-5 […]

First Term Lesson Note Number Work Pre-Nursery Week 2 - 3

First Term Lesson Note on Number Work for Pre-Nursery Week 2 – 3

Introduction to this post with keywords: First Term Lesson Note Number Work Pre-Nursery Week 2 – 3 Number work is the foundation of Mathematics in later years. It aims to introduce mathematical concepts in a simple but scientific way to the pupils in early years. Unfortunately, most Early Years Teachers do not adopt the scientific […]

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