Nigerian Government Educational Malpractices

Nigerian Government Educational Malpractices

This post with keywords, Nigerian government educational malpractices in brief This post, Nigerian government educational malpractices describes the major educational malpractices by the government of Nigeria. It also shows how these malpractices have contributed to the fall of the quality of education in Nigeria. In conclusion, this post details how you can help to remedy […]


The Independent Education Seminar, Kano 2019

In one line In this post with keywords: independent-education-seminar-kano-2019, you will learn everything necessary about the forthcoming Independent Education Seminar. The Independent Education Seminar The Independent Education Seminar, Kano 2019 which is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 is the company’s third annual seminar. This annual event is both an advocacy and capacity-building […]

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