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What We Do

What We Do

We are committed to delivering quality educational products and services that help organizations achieve their existential objectives and helps individuals to attain fulfilments. We do these with high sense of professionalism and ethics that each engagement takes us closer to making education more meaningful and benefiting for educators and learners.

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Stellar Education Guides

We are the nation’s #1 free and most comprehensive lesson notes publisher. In 2020, MEA Market awarded us the best Instructional Design Specialist of the year in Nigeria under the African Business Excellence Award.

With our Lesson Note , we hope to change the surfeit test-centric education in Nigeria to that which equally focuses on teaching skills that place students on a trajectory to meet both test and skill demands of a modern society. Hence, our guides are different from others’ in that we set specific objectives for all domains in every lesson.

In addition, we publish comprehensive guides to help school owners and administrators, teachers, students and parents through general obstacles to quality education delivery.


Consultation & Training

Since 2016, we have had track record of successful training for school owners and administrators, teachers and students; both virtual and physical meeting including school visits. We professionally design our trainings to objectively tackle the issue at hand.

You attained your current achievements by the kind of training you received in the past. And you will achieve your current targets when you have attained the training it requires. To students, we are the bridge to a successful academic and a happy labor market experience; to teachers, we are the bridge to effectiveness and an all-round fulfilling career;  to schools we are the auxiliary brain to sustainable growth. Our trainings are both mind reorientation and skills impartation session that ultimately ends in actualization of goals. Send us a request let’s deliver our promise to you.

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Ed. Tech. Solutions

We help individuals and organizations to utilize educational technologies as leverage to attain greater objectives by blending our expertise in education and technology

Our website and software development is specially adapted to the education industry for education consults, schools and individuals. We render special portfolio and blogging system development as teachers’ support services. And we have extensive experience in digital marketing for educational services including branding, social media marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization and print design.

Send us a request let’s create a whole number image for you and your organization; image that sells effortlessly.

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Take advantage of our off the shelf products to fast track processes for the efficiency you need to succeed. Our products are developed from original source, through best practices and/or using trusted technologies that guarantees delivery.

We sell official schemes of work based on the latest national curriculum for all subjects and classes from preschool, Nursery, Primary to Secondary. As a rule, we deal only on original products as our policy is against piracy.

We offer a robust school management system to help schools to automate the overall school administration. Similarly, we offer Learning Management System (LMS) and Automated Result Compilation Software (ARCS) as independent products for your unique need.

Send us a request, let’s set you on the path of efficiency and higher productivity with automation.

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Why Work With Us?

Trusted by over 10,000 clients…

All our services are based on professional educational technological principles and we observe the highest moral and ethical practices in our operations

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