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The changes which have taken place over the last 10 years or more have brought computers, and their effect, into every aspect of daily life.  And the pace of this change has been fast. It is likely to continue at an even faster rate over the next decade. Technology is taking over the work place. And as competition increases amongst students, applicant graduates, and workers; computer skills are no longer the preserve of programmers and systems analysts – we all need them.

In addition to this, the school environment and the education industry in general are dynamic. Discoveries are unfolding new methods of teaching and learning. Staff and students come and go. With each change, there is need to bring everything and everyone to speed of the current light. This, we deliver in our Instructor-Led Training Services for organizations, schools, teachers and students.

Personal Development

To help individuals identify their inner abilities, develop and use their talents to build the kind and quality of life they aspire to have.

Computer Training

To equip individuals with necessary digital skills to succeed within the 21st century education environment.

Continuous Professional Development

To help teachers and schools to continually  enhance the professional skills of their teachers for productivity and efficiency.

Induction Training

To practically teach new teachers how to professionally, effectively and efficiently do their work so as to increase their overall work performance for growth.

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