Our specific work

Instructional Design service is the job of systematically drawing the series of actions a teacher needs to take in order to teach or deliver a lesson or course in such a way that the desired objectives are met.

Being systematic means that Instructional Design follows certain system(s) or standards. The standards are educational (learning and instructional) theories. All our lesson notes are products of instructional Design.

However, we base our lesson notes strictly on the Nigerian national curriculum and on typical classroom situation. There are situations that may not fit into our lesson notes coverage. These include:

  • Corporate organization that want to train their staff on special skill
  • Schools and teachers that use other curriculum
  • Home Tutors that provide assistance to students with special needs

These usually find our Instructional Design services very useful

Our process

We adopt the industry-standard ADDIE process and adapt many learning theories and instructional models to your particular situation. The summary of our Instructional Design process are:

Step 1: Receive and Evaluate
Step 2: Analysis, Adaptation & Planning (Design)
Step 3: Implementation & Documentation

Analysis charts and statistics

  • Competitors
  • Company

What you got ?

Results! The underlying objective of Instructional Design efficiency. That means you will get more result with less resources – material, money, energy. Instructional Design is purposely inclined toward individual member of the target audience. This ensures that each member of the audience get the most they can from the training/course

Grab our Instructional Design Manual

Having doubt?

Clear any doubt. Get the manual to know the processes we follow, the models we blend and the philosophy and psychology we incorporate into our Instructional Design services

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