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Teachers Induction Training

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The Teachers’ Induction Training is a mind-orientation and skill-acquisition course for new teachers and teachers who want to become more efficient in their daily duties. This course is a complete learning experience strategically designed to help teachers to be professional and position themselves to earn more.

Contents of the Teachers Induction Training

Module 1: Teacherprenuership Mindset

This module helps teachers to demystify the default wrong beliefs attached to the teaching profession. At the end of this module, participants will have overcome the biggest obstacle to success in the teaching career – the obstacle of the wrong mindset. This is an obstacle so big as to have become a natural first call every time anyone thinks about teaching in our society. It opens your eyes to a whole new world of opportunities within the Nigerian education space and puts you on the right footing to pursue occupation independence, what we call the “indispensable stage” at LeadinGuides.

Module 2: Doing the Job The Right Way

This module, which is particularly for new teachers, takes participants through the daily duties of a professional teacher – not in theory, but in practice. As stated in the introduction, you will learn what to do and how to do it.

Module 3: The Teacher & The Law

This module is committed to the ethics of the profession. You will learn what you should and should not do. After this, you will always work with your shoulders tall and your eyes high.

Module 4: The Teacher & The School Symbiosis

With the fear of cheating here and there, employers not paying workers their dues and unfaithful workers not delivering up to their agreement, what if there is a way to overcome the situation? Well, that is what this module is committed to helping participants achieve. You will learn the goals of every school, how to manage difficult school managers, how to overcome problems at work and how to leverage a school’s success for self-growth.

Module 5: Following Through With Your Decisions

You will make a lot of conscious decisions during this training. We will adopt strategies to commit these decisions to your subconsciousness. In the final module, you will learn how to follow through with your decision and complete what you have started.




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