Primary 4 Scheme of Work for Nigerian Schools


The official Teaching Schemes of Works for Nigerian Primary Schools Three. This scheme is based on the latest National Curriculum by NERDC. You will get a single document that contains all the subjects.


This is the official Primary 4 Scheme of Work for Nigerian Schools based on the latest National Curriculum by NERDC.

As provided in the new National Curriculum, this scheme contains all the 8 maximum number of composite subjects for Primary Schools. The eight composite subjects which are all included in this scheme are:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Nigerian Languages
  4. Basic Science & Technology (BST)
  5. Prevocational Studies
  6. Religious and National Values (RNV)
  7. Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA)
  8. Arabic Language
These 8 composite subjects are further broken down into 17 as follows:
1. English Language
2. MathematicsNigerian Languages
3. Hausa
4. Igbo
5. YorubaBasic Science & Technology (BST)
6. Basic Science
7. Basic Technology
8. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Prevocational Studies
9. Agriculture
10. Home Economics
11. Entrepreneurship

Religious and National Values (RNV)
12. Civic Education
13. Christian Religious Studies
14. Islamic Religious Studies
15. Security Education

16. Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA)
17. Arabic Language

All these subjects are included in this Primary One Teaching Scheme.

Note however, that the new national curriculum only requires schools to teach Primary 3 pupils a minimum of 6 of the composite subjects and a maximum of 7. Note also that for any of the six composite subjects a school chooses to teach, she must also teach the sub-subjects as contained in the list of 19.


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