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Download Nigeria’s #1 free and most comprehensive lesson notes for schools, teachers, parents and students.

Schools recommend and supply LeadinGuides lesson notes to their teachers to ensure quality and improve the teachers’ effectiveness.

Similarly, teachers use it to easily and professionally plan their lesson and deliver with great quality and efficiency.

Meanwhile parents and homeschoolers use these notes to help students with their school work and to put them ahead.

While students use it to boost understanding and stay ahead of the class.

Focus of LeadinGuides Notes

The primary focus of our notes is to present an enriched content for every topic; as well as to provide guidelines for teachers on how to deliver the content to attain the topic objectives.

These notes are unique. As professionals, we understand that with every topic in the classroom; there is new knowledge to impart; new skill for the students to acquire; and new moral character to imbibe. Hence, for every lesson; we set specific cognitive, affective and psychomotor objective. In addition, we detail the steps that teachers may take to attain and evaluate each objective.