First Term Pre – Writing Lesson Note for Pre-Nursery Week 4-5

SUBJECT: PRE-WRITING ACTIVITIES Term: First Term Week: 4-5 Class: Pre-Nursery Topic: Strokes making: Vertical, Horizontal, Slant Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to do the following: Cognitive: Identify the three straight line patterns in writing. Affective: Differentiate between the lines Psychomotor: Arrange sticks into vertical, horizontal and slanted position […]

Pre-Nursery Writing Activities Lesson Notes Week 2-3

Pre-Writing Activities Lesson Notes for Pre-Nursery Week 2-3

Pre-Nursery Writing Activities Lesson Notes Week 2-3 INTRODUCTION Eligible writing is one of the cardinal points (objectives) of early years schooling. The others being Language and Communication, Scientific and Effective thinking, social skills, reading and numeracy. Teachers of children in their early years may be evaluated by the children’s level of penmanship.  So also is […]

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