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INTRODUCTION TO THIS LESSON-NOTE-NURSERY-ONE-THIRD-TERM-ENGLISH-LANGUAGE-WEEK-1 I wrote this Lesson-Note-Nursery-One-Third-Term-English-Language-Week-1 based on the Nigerian National Early Childhood Education Curriculum. Particularly, I used the Pre-primary Teaching Schemes that the Education Resource Centre, Abuja developed. However, this scheme is the same as those of the other 36 states’ education resource development center. Nonetheless, I only crosschecked this topic inRead more about Lesson-Note-Nursery-One-Third-Term-English-Language-Week-1[…]

Third Term Lesson Note,  English Composition, Week Two

Third Term Lesson Note, English Composition, Week Two

Introduction This Third Term Lesson Note,  English Composition, Week Two (2)  is prepared based on Dr Ajogwu’s Standard Schemes of Work on English Language drawn in line with the new Standard Curriculum, 9-year Basic Edition by the National Education Research Development Council (NERDC).  Accordingly, the note is meant to be delivered in the second week of thirdRead more about Third Term Lesson Note, English Composition, Week Two[…]