Classroom stories 2

Classroom stories 2: The Twin Who Refused to Collect Biscuit!

Introduction to the twin who refused to collect biscuit! The short story – the twin who refused to collect biscuit – is a one of my classroom stories. Storytelling is an effective tool for teaching young learners. The concept and imaginary of a story well told, lives a lasting perception that enhances assimilation and permanence. […]

Classroom Story: People we should consult before using drugs

A child who is feeling sick (slight headache), asked the wrong person for information on drug use. And the child got wrong information, took the wrong medication. Now we don’t know what will become of him. This narration is to be used in the class along with the Civic Education lesson note on: People we […]

Classroom stories


PROLOGUE This is a narration of two childhood friends who grew up together, went to the same school, had the same aspiration and got the same job of their dreams in the same company. However, at the place of work, while one receives accolades, the other receives serial query. The names of the two friends […]

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