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Basic Science and Technologies

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This category of post with keywords basic-science-technologies contains the best, free and most popular lesson note guides on the composite Basic Science and Technology (BST) subject for Nigerian schools. In the new 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum, this composite subject, BST comprises four other subjects as theme. These four subjects under basic-science-technologies include:

  • Basic Science
  • Basic Technology
  • Physical and Health Education (PHE)
  • Information Technology ( IT )or Computer Studies

Objectives of basic-science-technologies

According to the National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC), the objectives of the subjects are:

  • help children develop interest in science and technology
  • help school children acquire the basic knowledge in science and technology
  • help Nigerian school children develop creative problem solving ability
  • help Nigerian children appreciate the beauty of nature and learn how to preserve and improve their environment
  • help children apply their scientific and technological knowledge and skill to solve societal problems
  • help prepare Nigerian school children for further studies in science and technology

Our note to basic-science-technologies teachers

Basic-Bcience-Technologies teachers must understand that this is a practical subject. Hence, the success of its delivery stretches beyond the cognitive objectives . A BST teacher is a demonstrator, mind influencer and a motivator that inspires his/her student to DO.  As a result, s/he delivers the class by demonstration and motivation while measuring his/her performance by what the pupils are able TO DO at the end of the lesson.

Our Lesson notes guides on Basic-Bcience-Technologies are practical based and skill-focus as well as in-depth in coverage. Most of all, it is absolutely free. Check them out

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