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Get the best, free and most popular lesson note guides in Nigeria. The notes are in line with the National Curriculum by the Nigerian National Education Research  Development Council and the most popular private school curricular.

The developers of our lesson note guides are veteran educators and professional instructional designers. While writing, they capture all three education domain viz. Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor – setting specific objective for each, if necessary. The lesson note guides also feature step by step guidelines for delivering any topic.

These lesson note guides will be useful to all teachers  especially those in Nigeria, parents who want to help their children keep up, school owners and school administrators who want their teachers to do things right.

The note does not favour a particular lesson plan format. Instead, it is a general suggestion that can be adapted to any format of choice. The focus of the note is to provide an enriched lesson content and then suggest ways of delivering such content.

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