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Leading Positive Change

Leading Positive Change

LeadinGuides is an education & technology research and solution based group who think differently and love to create positive change in the Nigerian education sector

Our Mission

To deliver quality educational products and services and promote ethical practices that will lead to total overhaul of the Nigerian education system thereby making education more meaningful and benefiting for educators and learners while protecting the future and bringing about a better Nigerian society.

  1. Teaching and learning methods and materials (products) that make educational process more meaningful and benefiting for teachers and learners.
  2. Educational practices that sanitize the system, protect the future and lead to a saner human race

Enkindled with a burning desire, and guided by excellent service quality and customer satisfaction; with our team spread across professions, and from institutions of learning across the country; our product are perfect brands that meet objectives and accomplish goals.

  1. Professionalism

All our services are based on professional education principles and we observe the highest moral and ethical practices in our operations

  1. Patriotism

We work with the hope of contributing to creating a better Nigerian society, by choosing us you will be advancing that cause; the Nigerian dream

  1. Budegt-friendly

The price and quality you get from us beat everywhere else. This is because of our give back to society policy and our base of patriotic staff.

Nigerian Education Reformation

An advocacy for, and promoting of ethical practices among education stakeholders to correct the many educational malpractices in the nation’s industry. Read more

Substantive Education

As against the surfeit test-centric education currently lurking in the Nigerian education system, we advocate for a substantive educationeducation that meets all of tests, skills and character demand of the modern world – for self-reliance. Read more


An advocacy that aims to better the condition of teachers. This campaign draws on the creativity of teachers to improve teaching and learnig processes while complementing their salary through entrepreneurship. Read more

ProTech Inclusion

This is a campaign that advocates and aid the participation of every education stakeholder in correct use of technology to foster quality delivery. Read more
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What We Do

We’re here to help you achieve more.

Stellar Education Guides

Our first mandate is to serve premium guides on general issues to make education more meaningful and benefiting for all stakeholders – schools, teachers, and students. The focus is quality education for a better Nigerian society. All our general guides are free.

Consultation & Training

Apart from general issues, every school, teacher, student and parent has specific needs. Specific needs require peculiar approach & guide. We help you overcome the hurdles to success in the education space. In addition, based on common specific needs; we create professional trainings for schools, teachers and students to stay on top of their targets.

Ed. Tech. Solutions

Do you want to utilize educational technologies as leverage to attain greater objectives in education? We pride ourselves in blending deep education and technology expertise to achieve goals for individuals and organizations with figures to show for it. From overall school management, to learning solutions and marketing; we have had track records of success since 2016. Our LMSARCS & Website development solutions are unmatched.

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