“LeadinGuides develops strategic relationships and builds its business on a returning customer base and an accumulation of educational content that can be re-purposed and re-sold.” – Braimoh Daniel
How we Work

How we work with clients

The company employs an object-oriented design methodology that yields flexible, scalable, and reusable content, supporting clients with rich, targeted solutions that are easily replicated and maintained.

Step 1:
Receive and Evaluate

Whether it is a software project or consultancy, Instructional Design, Instructor-Led Training or Smart Classroom Setup, gather as much information on your need as possible. Then we measure the information against necessary standards.

Step 2:
Analysis, Adaptation and Planning

After evaluation, we carryout thoroughly analyze the situation, adapt existing standards to uniquely solve the problem and draw up plans to implement.

Step 3:
Implementation & Documentation

Once all arrangements are made, we get down to work and spare no effort to make sure that we achieve the highest quality within the time available. We document every detail of our work so that it can easily be replicated for the same result.


Why choose us


All our services are based on professional principles and we observe the highest moral and ethical practices in our operations – with speed and accuracy.


We work with the hope of contributing to creating a better Nigerian society. Therefore, we give nothing less than the highest quality that contributes values to the system.

Friendly Budget

By helping you to grow and maximize profit, we believe that you will distribute happiness and quality life when your give promotion and bonuses to the people within your circle. So, we give back to the society by maintaining the least price possible.


How can we help


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    172 Sabon Fegi
    Kano State, Nigeria

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