LeadinGuides help schools to upgrade traditional classroom to smart modern classrooms that ensure that every student learns. We handle from classroom layout redesign to equipment procurement, setup & staff training.

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What is Smart Classroom?

A Smart classroom is any classroom that has one or more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets for teachers and students to use in order to make teaching and learning easier, faster and more enjoyable.

All smart classrooms are not the same. Some are simple while others are complex. A smart classroom may be as simple as having only one computer or a digital display (screen) in conjunction with traditional blackboard or white.

Alternatively, a smart classroom may be as complex as having interactive panel, document visualizer and digital podium with public addressing system.

A boy writing on interactive whiteboard with pen in a smart classroom
Pupils studying illustration of heart on a smart board
Secondary School Students receiving lecture in a smart Classroom

Whether a simple, intermediate or complex Smart Classroom, what matters is that teachers and students can use it to make learning more relevant, interactive, faster, easier and more fun. When both use smart classroom in the right way, teaching and learning cannot be boring. Teachers are excited to teach, and students are more willing to learn. This begins with proper Smart Classroom Setup and adequate training.

LeadinGuides partners with leading device manufacturers and vendors to offer the best Smart Classroom Setup services to Nigerian schools.

All smart classrooms are not the same. The facilities in the classroom are what determine how simple or complex a smart classroom is. Although the budget of a school ultimately determines the facilities it has in its smart classrooms, we also consider other factors too.

LeadinGuides smart classroom setup is flexible to fit every progressive school’s size and budget. Typically, the following are the smart classroom facilities that most schools in Nigeria use.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Setup Facilities - Whiteboard


Whiteboard is a key feature of simple smart classroom. Teachers write on whiteboard with temporary markers instead of traditional chalkboard. You may choose either magnetic or non-magnetic whiteboard for your smart classroom.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Facilities - Laptop & Desktop Computer


Basic Smart Classrooms that do not have interactive display with independent storage requires a computer to store learning contents and software. The computer may be either a laptop or desktop.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Setup - Digital Display

Digital Display

Digital display is one of the key components that makes the difference in a smart classroom. It aids visualization in class. This helps teachers to reduce the stress of verbally describing concepts. In addition, it helps students to easily understand concepts that may have been otherwise difficult. Where you cannot afford interactive display, you may pick as simple as an LCD/LED/Plasma display or simple projector.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Setup - Interactive Display

Interactive Display

This is the ideal display for standard smart classroom. Interactive display is a smart computer screen that has the ability to sense and transmit touch. Teachers and students can instantly write and draw on it for instruction and illustration. Most interactive display are equipped with media learning content and software to enhance teaching and learning processes. With internet access, teachers can instantly search for illustrations online for quick demonstration.

Smart Classroom Document Visualizer or Document Camera in Nigeria

Document Visualizer

Document visualizer or document camera is a device for magnifying small object (including text, images) and projecting it on a large display for many people to study at once. This saves the cost on having to photocopy such specimens. In addition, it makes small specimen clear and easier to study.

Smart Classroom Audio System in Nigeria for Nigerian Schools

Classroom Audio System

Smart classroom audio system refers to the et of sound devices that teachers and students use to ease communication and make it more effective. These include microphone, amplifiers and speakers. The size of audio system depends on the size of classroom and number of students.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Alternative Power Supply for Nigerian Schools.jpg

Standby Power System

Not all smart classroom facilities run on standby batteries. As a result, schools that do not already have alternative power supply require to weighted standby power to keep the smart classroom running effectively. You may choose either solar power (best choice) or power generators.

LeadinGuides Smart Classroom Networking Solutions for Nigerian Schools

School Network System

School network systems belong to a type of computer network known as the campus area network. This is the connection of ICT devices within a school campus to aid sharing of resources. Our smart classroom setup comes with preloaded teaching & learning resources. Networking the devices helps a teacher to login to his/her materials from any class.

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