Started on October 2, 20237:00pm - 9:00pm1 day

About this Teacherpreneurship Course

This Teacherpreneurship Course helps schoolteachers to develop an entrepreneurial approach to doing their jobs in order to convert opportunities. Replace stressful unproductive thinking with a progressive mindset and open your eyes to a new world of opportunities.


At the end of this teacherpreneurship course, you will:

  • Unlearn 10 negative mindsets of ordinary teachers and learn 10 positive mindsets of exceptional teachers.
  • Identify unique education problems within your classroom and environment which is worth solving. That is, education businesses you can start.
  • Identify and evaluate your marketable skills.
  • Learn how to use your skill to create value from education problems.
  • Implement innovative strategies to improve teaching & learning within your domain.
  • Learn how to market & sell your solutions to other education stakeholders.

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