Starting August 5, 20239:00 am - 12:00 pm / Every Saturday2.5 months

About this Basic ICT Course for Educators

Enrol in this Basic ICT Course for Educators to start off your journey to becoming a tech-savvy educator. You’ll learn all the basics of computer and phone operation. At the end of this course, you will become very comfortable using your computer and smartphone like a professional.

This course is for teachers and education staff that cannot boast of their ability to use computers very well.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify different kinds of computers and mobile devices
  • Understand and use key computer jargon correctly
  • Couple up and connect computer/mobile components
  • Personalize your computer or mobile devices to your taste
  • Work with input devices comfortably
  • Work with files, folders, icons and applications
  • Create and operate an email account
  • Use the internet to easily locate information and download files.
  • Maintain your computer and mobile devices and solve common minor isues

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