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I thank LeadinGuides for the Computer training. It was a crash programme but I already feel like an expert. I can now check the latest design from my store and also easily showcase my works to wider range of people with a few clicks.

Maria E.
Fashion Designer, Kano


PiusJoe and his team are doing a great job. I used their lesson notes for a whole term and the impact it has had on my pupils is astounding. It is astonishing how they are able to accurately predict the pupils’ response and feedback to every move of the teacher when delivering a particular lesson. The notes makes every lesson exciting! Thanks to them.

Lucky Joel Kwaza
Teacher, LFA Kano


I downloaded some weeks’ lesson notes from your website gave it to one of my staff to test-run in the lower arm of one of the classes. The feedback was quite surprising and that is why I am ordering for full term notes. I encourage you to keep up the good work.

female avatar resized

Mrs. Effiong
Proprietress, Etta Agbo Calabar

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