Career Guidance & Counseling (CGC) Seminar, November 2 for Badawa Axis


Although this version of the seminar is primarily targeted at Secondary School students in classes between Junior Secondary School 3 and Senior Secondary School 3 who are within the Badawa axis, any interested person can participate. The following persons will especially find the seminar useful:

  • Parents who guide their children to make career right decisions
  • Teachers who teaches students within the specified classes
  • Students in classes other than the specified levels who are to make independent decisions
  • Individuals who are looking for direction


The Career Guidance and Counselling Seminar which is scheduled to hold on Saturday, November 2, 2019 is the company’s regular advocacy and capacity-building seminar for students.
In each of this seminar category, we address topical issues bordering educational and career decisions among teenage Nigerians. We also provide practical guidelines to help them make informed decisions that best suites.


The Career Guidance and Counselling Seminar is birthed out of research findings in which the company conducted between 2014 and 2016. 

In the research, the company unveiled many many career and educational decision issues among teens at the post secondary level. Some of such issues are that:

  • majority of JAMB applicants – secondary schools graduates and prospective higher education students –  know far too little career alternatives. For instance, we analyzed JAMB/UTME statistics since the last 10 years. And we found out that that out of the 630 courses offered across tertiary institutions in Nigeria from which applicants can choose from, only 15 courses accounts for about 80% of all applications for every year of the last ten years.
  • most career decisions are not based on any  empirical method but will and wishes. For example we found out that two of the most common reasons choosing a course is Seeming course prestige and outside influence.

We also traced the effects of wrong educational and career decisions to poor academic performance, unemployment and low productivity at the labour market.

From these findings we have structured robust career guidance and counselling programme to help students avoid loopholes involved in making career and educational decisions, provide step-by-step formula to arriving at a well-informed choices and also to coach them on personal development for high academic and life successes. 

The content of this particular edition of our  career guidance and counselling seminar include:

  • Career decision trend;
  • Analysis Report of JAMB/UTME statistics over the last 10 years;
  • Career Decision Logic: the right and wrong formula; and
  • The Success Ahead: Bulletproof against failure


Registration for the November 2 CGC seminar  opened since Monday, October 21, 2019.  

While many students register at their schools, for schools that will be  attending as a group, then the schools register the students at arrival; independent individuals who wishes to come may register on this page by filling the form above ( click here to open form alone).

You may also register on arrival at the venue on the event day .