August Instructional Design Training

August Instructional Design Training

Announcing the August Instructional Design Training We are glad to announce the commencement of registration for our August Instructional Design Training (ISD). Registration commenced on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Unlike the previous, which was primarily for our Instructional Designers; this training, we purposely designed for all, to meet the various needs of every school’s classroom […]

Nigerian National Colonial Curriculum

The Nigerian National Colonial Curriculum in One Sentence This post with keywords – Nigerian National Colonial Curriculum – discusses all the curricula that foreign managed schools used to train Nigerians during colonial era. The post contains the various editions of the Nigerian national colonial curriculum. For each edition, it describes the content and the objectives […]

Nigerian National Curriculum

The Nigerian National Curriculum

The Nigerian-National-Curriculum in one sentence This article with keyword: Nigerian-National-Curriculum authoritatively defines what the (national) curriculum is. It enumerates the components of curriculum and discusses the types of curriculum in Nigerian schools and provide leading guides on how to choose the right curriculum for your school. Introduction to Nigerian-National-Curriculum The surge in the availability of […]


Sustainable-School-Growth-Step-1: School-Re-Organization

Sustainable-School-Growth-step-1: in one sentence This post with keywords: Sustainable-School-Growth-step-1-school-re-organization outlines the steps that school administrators and school owners may adopt to reorganize their school for sustainable growth. You will learn the meaning of school organization, the components of an organized school system as well as how to build a bulletproof system that protect the business […]

School Staff Job Description – General Duties of Teachers

School Staff Job Description – General Duties of Teachers

This post with keywords – School-Staff-Job-Description-General-Duties-Teachers in one sentence This post with keywords, School-Staff-Job-Description-General-Duties-Teachers, outlines the general responsibilities of school teachers. Introduction to this post with keywords, School-Staff-Job-Description-General-Duties-Teachers Today, the education industry is one of the most dynamic. Times are changing and things are changing along. The dynamism in the industry gives rise to the […]


The Effective-School-Staff-Meeting

in one sentence This post, the effective-school-staff-meeting,  provides a comprehensive guide to school administrators, head teachers, principals, head of departments, committee chairs and school group leaders for convening and managing meaningful school staff meetings. It will also be handy for the member of a school community, either students or teacher that may one day assume […]



Sustainable-School-Growth-Part-1: Steps to Sustainable school growth Sustainable-School-Growth-Part-1: in one sentence This post with keywords: Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1 outlines the steps that school administrators and school owners may adopt to achieve sustainable school growth. Introduction to Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1 This post, Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1, is the first of a 10-series post. The complete series will help school administrators and school owners to […]


LeadinGuides on Sustainable School Growth: meaning&importance

This post with keywords: LeadinGuides-Sustainable-School-Growth-Meaning&Importance in one paragraph This post with keywords: LeadinGuides-Sustainable-School-Growth-Meaning&Importance introduces you to the concept of school growth from an empirical perspective. The post discusses the meaning of school growth; then emphasizes on sustainable school growth, importance of school growth and outlines the steps to attain sustainable school growth. What is school […]

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