What is the Automated Result Compilation Excel App?

This Automated Result Compilation Excel App is a Microsoft excel application that helps schools and teachers to quickly compile and prepare many students’ report cards at once.

LeadinGuides created the automated result compilation excel app as alternative for low-cost schools who cannot afford the more complex online solutions. And not only this. The application is also for schools who want to cut cost on full-fledged school management systems.

Maybe you have had to gone on holiday without giving students’ report cards. To say the least, this is totally unprofessional. Yet, it is common among young and low-cost schools.

However, this is mostly not deliberate. Instead, many schools are simply unable to finish up with marking of scripts and compilation of results before closing dates – in view of the erratic academic calendar we have seen in recent times.

Nevertheless, this is not an acceptable excuse to delay giving out report cards.

Why it is important to give report cards on time

Serious parents want to know how their wards performed during the term. This will help them to know how best to support their wards during holidays.

Similarly, report cards are the fastest way of ascertaining the result of summative assessment. It helps teachers to monitor students’ learning so as to provide ongoing feedback – to both teachers and learners. Teachers use the report/feedback to improve their teaching and provide better support for learners. It also helps students to improve their learning by identifying their strengths and weakness and targeting areas that need more work.

To these ends, schools must give report cards as fast as possible. And for growth-minded schools, this is not an alternative but a necessity. Students particularly derive the benefits of summative assessment if they get the result immediately after examinations – when they are still eager to know their performance. Generally, younger students tend to care less of their performance once they come off the spirit of examination.

As a result, most schools try as much as possible to give out report cards without delay. Different schools adopt differentiate strategies. Buoyant schools opt for full-feature Automated Result Compilation Software. Whereas, some young and low-cost schools adopt procedural strategies.

What you should not do – cutting corners to promptly give out report card

Such procedural strategies that some schools adopt to be able to give report cards on time include:

  • starting examinations earlier than supposed, and
  • hasty marking of examination scripts.

Either of the above is wrong. In fact, both belong to what we call educational malpractice. Starting examinations earlier than supposed means that such schools will not teach up to the number of weeks in the standard. It also means that teachers will not cover all the topics in their schemes of work for the term. This leaves the students at a disadvantage in time of external examination. Students may also find future studies challenging, if any requires the knowledge of the topics that teachers had skipped.

On the other hand, hasty marking of examination scripts may as well be as bad. Excessive haste makes the process prone to errors. And this is the last thing any worthy teacher and administrator would want to happen to a student’s result.

The essence of the entire process is to be able to evaluate the student’s progress and see how to help them better. But the teacher cannot do this if the process is marred by errors. Apart from this, there is also the danger of making the student to form a wrong image of his/her performance.

Benefits of giving report card on time

Truly, every school must refuse to condole either of these malpractices as well as the unprofessional act of delaying students’ report cards. Doing this will aid the school towards sustainable growth.

First, it helps schools to maintain quality delivery. Once a school is able to appropriately monitor students’ performance – through apt reporting of progress and challenges, and timely use the findings to support each student’s development; then the school is well on its path to standing out.

In addition, giving report cards on time creates positive feeling of the school among parents. Why? Because it shows the school is organised and also serious about their students’ development. There is a comforting feeling that parents have from knowing that the school is monitoring their children’s performance. This will elicit deeper cooperation between parents and schools.

Finally, let me mention that prompt giving of report cards may help foster a better relationship between schools and their staff – especially young and low-cost school. It may not have been necessary for me to mention this. But after consulting with many young and low-cost school, I realize that this is a prevalent case.

At the end of the term, some schools withhold part or all of their teachers’ salary until such teacher submit his/her result before payment. While I don’t see this as necessary, I also understand the reason for schools taking this stance. However, what we cannot argue is that withholding teachers’ salary for any reason infracts on the relationship between the school and the teachers. Thus, the best for both is to timely give report cards so that teachers can get paid on time without any problem.

What can schools do to give report card on time?

There are two things every school can do to promptly give report cards to their students. These include:

  • Proper academic planning
  • Automating result compilation

Proper Academic Planning

Full discussion on academic planning is a topic for another post. However, suffice it to say that schools should not just flow with government academic calendar. Every growth-oriented school uses government academic calendar to create theirs.

As pertains to this topic, administrators should make plans such that teachers submit examination questions early. This will enable them to prepare well ahead of the last two to three weeks each term for revision and examination.

Automating Result Compilation

It is a common knowledge that examination week is one of the most hectic periods for teachers. This is particularly so for teachers who manually compile examination results.

In manual result compilation, teachers do not only mark examination scripts but also have to write the scores by hand. In addition, they have to calculate and enter the scores and averages manually. It doesn’t stop there. Teachers also have to grade and determine positions manually. Finally, teachers require an enormous amount of time to enter the result into individual student’s report card.

Why you should not use manual result compilation

There are many drawbacks to manual result compilation. The most obvious is that manual result compilation is time-consuming. And this is why many teachers are not able to complete result compilation before closing date most times – without cutting corners.

Not only time to mark scripts but also time for everything else – calculating and entering scores and averages into broadsheet, grading, determining position (if necessary), and entering data into individual student’s report card. Therefore, in view of the time that these activities require there is no wonder that teachers lose sleep during examinations and/or fail to meet up.

Being time consuming is not the only drawback of manual result compilation. In addition to that, it is also prone to errors. Teachers can easily make mistakes with every activity of manual result compilation – they often do. In entering scores into broadsheet, calculating, grading, positioning and entering into individual report cards; teachers are bound to make mistakes.

This greatly reduces the efficiency of the manual result compilation. Errors could also imply increase in cost as teachers sometimes have to replace report cards – that they made mistake in entering into.

This is why every school must opt for automation of result compilation.

How does Automated Result Compilation work?

Automated result compilation system helps schools to avoid the downsides of manual approach. In automated result compilation system, all that the teachers have to do is to enter the students’ scores. That is all. The system automatically calculates the total scores and averages, determines grades and position; then generates individual student’s report cards for all the students at once.

Most automated result compilation systems work online. This means schools and teachers requires internet to operate it. In addition, schools usually subscribe for such solutions periodically. It comes with other school management features. As such, this version is relatively expensive. This is why many upcoming and low-cost schools cannot afford it.

However, there is a version of automated result compilation system that works offline. Unlike its online counterpart, the offline version mostly requires only a one-time payment. It is inexpensive. As such, it is the best choice for low-cost and young schools.

The simplest automated result compilation systems are Microsoft Excel applications. They are the least expensive too.

These are pre-programmed spreadsheets. You do not require internet to use. Neither do you need to install any special software. It works with the Microsoft excel that is already installed on your computer. All you need to do is open the pre-programmed workbook, and enter the data. Then the system computes and generates the results. Afterwards, you print the report cards.

We prepared the automated result compilation excel app for low-cost and young schools. This is because it is simple to use, inexpensive and still highly effective.

Features of Automated Result Compilation Excel App

The automated result compilation excel application has 4 separate sheets. These include:

  • Initials sheet
  • Entry sheet
  • Broadsheet
  • Reports sheet

The Initials sheet

This is the first sheet. This sheet is for the school’s examiner or administer. It is the sheet that the examiner or administrator initialize the overall result compilation process. This includes setting the school’s details, the session and term as well as subjects and names of teachers.

Every detail that the examiner or administrator enters on the initialization sheet automatically reflects across the entire system. The examiner or administrator has special login that grants him or her the privilege to make all necessary changes.

Automated Result Compilation Excel App - Sheet 1
Automated Result Compilation Excel App – Initialization Sheet

The Entry Sheet

The entry sheet of the automated result compilation excel application is for individual subject teachers. The examiner or administrator sets different login for each teacher that grants him/her the privilege to enter and edit details only for his/her subject. Where a teacher teaches more than one subject – such as a class teach in Basic classes, the examiner or administrator can equally these privileges.

The teacher only needs to enter continuous assessment and examination scores. While the teacher enters the scores, the system simultaneously computes and prepares the result.

Entry Sheet
Automated Result Compilation Excel App – Entry Sheet

The Broadsheet

The broadsheet does not require any entry. It contains the summary of the overall performance of all the students. This includes individual students’ total score and grade in each subject, the final total score, the average and the final position.

Automated Result Compilation Excel App Broadsheet

In addition, the broadsheet also contains the number of subjects each students passed and failed; whether such student passed at least five credits including Mathematics and English Language; and the final decision based on the performance. For example, in the senior secondary school sample result above:

  • If a student passed at least five subjects including Mathematics and English, then such student is promoted.
  • If a student passed at least five subjects but failed either Mathematics or English, then such student will be placed on probation.
  • However, if a student did not pass up to five subjects or failed both Mathematics or English, then such students must compulsorily attend the summer class.
Automated Result Compilation Excel App - Performance Summary & Decision
Automated Result Compilation Excel App – Performance Summary & Decision

These performance decisions are based on the policies of one of the schools that use this automated result compilation excel system. Other schools may have different policies. And this system is fully customizable to accommodate such differences.

The Reports Sheet

The last sheet in the automated result compilation excel application is the reports sheet. This sheet contains the automatically prepared report cards for all the students. This sheet does not need any entry because it is automatically generated. The layout of the report is fully customizable. We can add and remove features based on the school’s design. All that the examiner or administrator needs to do on this page is to print the report cards. That is all. Below is a sample of a report card generated by the system.

Sample of Automatically Generated Report Card
Sample of Automatically Generated Report Card – layout is 100% customizable to every school’s style & format

Who can buy the Automated Result Compilation Excel App?

The automated result compilation excel app is for head of academics, examiners, administrators, teachers and schools. If you are the head of academics, examiner or administrator of an institution, and you have to prepare the result for the institution; then this a product to help you do your job without needing you to break the bank.

Similarly, this product is especially for schools that want to enjoy the benefits of automation at the least cost possible. This product sheds the unnecessary sophistication that makes full-fledged school management system expensive. In addition to the advantages of automation, schools make their result stand out by giving out error-free and neat report cards.

Finally, the automated result compilation excel app is also for independent class teachers. Even if your school does not have this, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress, errors and queries by using this product. For this particular reason, we keep the price of the product as low as possible to make it affordable to teachers.

The unbeatable part of it all is that you can prepare your result with your mobile phone using this product. Simply download it, open it with your smartphone, enter the scores and print the results.

How to get the Automated Result Compilation Excel App

The automated result excel sheet costs N10, 000 – ten thousand naira only. Click here to download the excel file on our website. Or, click here to get it on paystack. Alternatively, click here to contact us on WhatsApp.

Can the Automated Result Compilation Excel App work online?

Absolutely! And there are two easy alternatives. The first is to upload the file to Microsoft office 365 or SharePoint. The second is using Google sheets. Both methods work seamlessly.

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