Lesson Plan Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA) Year 8

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Lesson Plan Cultural & Creative Arts (CCA) Year 8

Date: 2021 Lesson: 1Year: 8Levels: 3-4Tutor:
Subject Creative ArtTopic: Still-life drawing.
Learning objective and outcomeAt the end of the lesson the students should be able to:

·         explain still-life drawing

·         draw some still life objects

Starter activity5 minThe starts the lesson by? Asking the students, what do you understand by still life drawing?


Main Activity35 min

Spread time out


The teacher introduces the lesson to the students in the following steps:



Still life drawings are drawing of those things that do not have life in them. They are otherwise called inanimate objects. These include drawing from households’ utensils (lantern, stove, pots etc.), electrical appliances, musical instruments, mechanical objects, farming implements among many others. They help artists in understanding the construction, physical and textural qualities of the objects. Good sense of observation is enriched through careful and analytical observation of objects drawn.


Extension work5 minsSelected students who understood the basis of the lesson would be further ask to discuss more on still life drawing.
PlenaryReview, outcome and process. Question will be asked to know whether the students have understood the topic.
HomeworkStudents’ activity: students are allowed to watch videos on still life drawing.

Explain still life drawing

Extra curriculaStudent watch a short video on /pictures based on the lesson topic




Each student is given one minute to summarize what they have taught on estimation.
Key WordsStill, life inanimate
DifferentiationThe teacher differentiates students through class activities and rewards some selected students to explain/draw still life objects.


Closing activity5 minsThe asks the students to explain still life drawing.


ResourcesBoard marker, internet, pen, pencil, textbook, tablet, interactive White board

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