This post on Nursery 3 in one sentence

This post clarifies the ongoing debate on the class and Scheme of Work for Nursery 3 or Kindergarten 3 (KG 3) in Nigeria.


Professionally, is there Nursery 3 or KG 3 in Nigeria? Why do some schools have nursery 3 and others do not? Why is Nursery Schemes of work not readily available? I have finished the topics in Nursery 2 Schemes of work with my child, is there Nursery 3 or I should proceed to Primary 1?

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As such, we have taken the time to provide authoritative answers to the many questions on Nursery 3 in Nigeria. In addition to answering the questions, I will explain the reason for the confusion.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Is there Nursery 3 in Nigeria?

This is usually the first question on Nursery 3. While some schools operate Nursery 3 or KG 3, others do not. Consequently, a part of later set of schools accuses the former of unprofessional conduct in operating Nursery 3.

And not only this. In a similar tone of disapproval, some parents have condemned the operation of Nursery 3. In fact, such parents add the operation of Nursery 3 as another basis for tagging private schools as “business centers”.

As a result of these, new and upcoming school owners, especially those who haven’t had prior education background, are not sure whether or not to create the Nursery 3 or KG 3 class.

So, which is which?

Is there Nursery 3 in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, there is no yes or no answer to this question within the professional context. But if one must, the shortest correct answer to the question is that there is no Nursery 3 in Nigeria. And this is because the national policy on education (NPE) has a unique name for what some schools call Nursery 3.

From the forgoing sentence, it is obvious that the terminologies contribute a major role to the confusion.

Hence, let me quickly define few related key terms.