This Classroom Story – Pre-Nursery First Term Social Studies Week 2 – 3 serves as introduction to the Lesson Note – Pre-Nursery First Term Social Studies Week 2 – 3.

Before commencing the lesson, the teacher narrates the story to illustrate the objectives of the lesson.

However, in telling the story; teachers should note that I deliberately wrote the story in simple sentences to aid easy assimilation. Based on educational psychology, at this age; children find short simple sentences easier to understand than others. Hence, teachers should observe this even while narrating the story – indeed in all conversation with children.

More so, I avoided pronouns in the story. That is in attempt to further simplifies things for easy comprehension. Teachers should try as much as possible to narrate the story in a language most suitable for the learners. Note that you may also narrate the story in local dialect, provided all the pupils understand the vernacular.

Classroom Story – Pre-Nursery First Term Social Studies Week 2 – 3

There are two boys. The name of the first boy is Okopi. And the name of the second boy is Amedu. The two boys live with their parents. And their parents have a friend. The name of their parent’s friend is Oroko.

One day, Oroko visited Okopi and Amedu’s parents. Oroko came to the house. He knocked at the door – rang the doorbell. Okopi and Amedu’s parent answered the door.

The parent asked: Who is there?

Oroko answered: It is Oroko your friend.

The parent happily opened the door. They greeted. Then, the parent told Oroko to come in. Oroko thanked the parent. Both of them went inside the house.

Okopi and Amedu greeted Oroko. Oroko greeted the children. He asked Okopi: “How are you?” Okopi answered clearly: “I am fine, thank you sir!” Then Oroko asked Amedu: “How are you?” Amedu answered silently: “Fine, thank you sir.” Oroko did not hear Amedu very clear. But he decided to ignore.

Then Oroko asked Okopi again: “What is the name of your school?” And Okopi answered loudly again; “The name of my school is ——————–.” Oroko said good!

Oroko also asked Amedu: “What is the name of your school?” But Amedu did not answer. Oroko asked Amedu again. Still, Amedu did not answer.

Then Oroko told their parent that Okopi is a smart child. Oroko thought that Amedu is not smart. So, Oroko was happy with Okopi. Oroko gave Okopi some gift. But Oroko did not give Amedu any gift.

Do you know Amedu is also smart? Yes, Amedu is smart but because he did not talk clear enough, Oroko thinks that he is not smart.

If you are smart, you have to show it so you can get the right reward!!


After narrating the Classroom Story – Pre-Nursery First Term Social Studies Week 2 – 3 in the simplest to understand form for the pupils, the teacher proceeds to step 2 of the lesson. Click here to go back to the lesson.

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