Summary of Scheme of Work: Nursery Science

This post, scheme of work: Nursery Science; gives and overview of the Science Teaching Scheme of Work for Nigerian Nursery Schools. There is also link to where you can download the official scheme of work in PDF format.

What is Scheme of Work?

Scheme of work is a document which contain the breakdown of the topics in a curriculum or a teaching syllabus into weeks. In the simplest terms, scheme of work is the document that shows the topics that a teacher is to teach a particular class for every week of a term or terms.

Who develop schemes of works for Nigerian Schools? And How?

After the relevant agencies develop the national curriculum and other independent curricular; schools buy the curriculum/curricular. Then examination bodies and schools’ academic board, which is made up of academic experts; develop examination/teaching syllabus from the curriculum/curricular.

A syllabus usually contains only the themes, sub-themes and topics that a teacher is expected to teach a particular class within a given period. This period is usually a term or year(s). A syllabus does not contain the topic for each week of the term. And it also does not particularly list topics in the order that a teacher should teach them.

Instead, it will just list the themes, the sub-themes and the topics under each theme.

So, after the academic board and examination bodies develop the syllabuses; schools will give the syllabus to trained subject teachers.

It is the trained subject teachers that uses the syllabus to create, first of all their unit of work plan, then their schemes of work.

The scheme of work must be in such a way that the teacher covers the syllabus with the students for every given class.

Uniform Scheme of Works for Nigerian Schools

Although individual schools can draft their schemes of work as I have described above; many schools do not do this. Instead, majority of the schools buy unified schemes of work from education ministries and agencies. A few, especially private schools, buy from independent – usually one-person – scheme of work developer or educational consultants.


This is because apart from making sure that schemes of work covers the syllabus, developing it also requires some professional skills and knowledge. Skills and knowledge like curriculum planning and evaluation strategies among others will ensure that the schemes of work is effective.

In addition to this, not many subject teachers in Nigerian schools are educationists. Also, subject teachers developing schemes of work independently takes time.

Regardless of whether subject teachers developed effective schemes that cover the curriculum/syllabus or not; external examination bodies set their questions with the assumption of the ideal. This means a lot of uncertainties for students.

The Need for Uniformity

It is government agencies that conduct most of the external (final year) examinations. For example, NECO conducts all the external (final year) examinations at the basic and secondary education in Nigeria. These include the National Common Entrance Examinations (NCEE) into federal unity schools; the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which marks the successful completion of Basic Education in Nigeria; and the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). These examinations are unified – everything student that wants to write each, answer the same question regardless of their school.

However, non-unity schools independently conduct their common entrance examinations; and states also independently conducts their BECE. Similarly, WAEC conducts parallel SSCE.

Notwithstanding, both the state BECE and WAEC SSCE share the same or similar syllabus with NECO.

Official Schemes of Work for Nigerian Schools

Consequently, with every new curriculum or syllabus that NERDC or the examination bodies produce; government also tasks their education ministries and agencies to produce unified schemes.

These official schemes are the same for almost all the states of the federation. The problem is that the official schemes are not easily accessible and available to interested buyers.

This Scheme of Work – Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum and all our schemes are the official ones.

We take off from the official scheme produced by the Education Resource Center, Abuja; then compares with those of other states.

Overview of the Scheme of Work – Nursery Science based on NERDC Curriculum

The Scheme of Work -Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum contains all the topics for each week of every terms in the Nursery Classes (Nursery 1 & 2). These include all the topics for all the weeks in first term; second term and third term in Nursery 1. And also All the topics for all the weeks in first term; second term; and third term in Nursery 2.


Unlike most of the scheme you will get elsewhere; the Scheme of Work – Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum is not simply PDF of scanned images. Our schemes are typed-text and searchable PDF documents.

The advantage of typed-text and searchable PDF documents over scanned images PDF is that of speed and seamless workflow. In typed-text PDF, you can easily search through the scheme for a given topic, term or concept. But you cannot do that with PDF that someone created from scanned images.

A teacher that is using the soft-copy of the typed-text and searchable PDF schemes can easily copy the topic and objectives to the lesson plan. But you cannot do this with scanned-images PDF schemes.

Content of Scheme of Work – Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum

The official scheme of work – Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum has three major themes:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. The Child and the Environment
  3. Science & Nature

I have seen school owners buy schemes of work with overloaded subjects for the nursery classes. This kind of schemes have subjects like Practical Life, Agriculture, Discovery, Physical & Health Education, Handwriting, e.t.c.

Not to condemn this subjects. But when I looked through the contents for the subjects; I noticed that the four basic subjects in the national early years curriculum capture majority of the topics that form those subjects.

For example, in one of the blended scheme of work that I have; all the topics in Practical Life and Discovery are in the unified Science Scheme.

More encounters have convinced me that many lack wholesome understanding of the national curriculum cum unified schemes of work. Therefore, I recommend to school owners and administrators to stick with the national curriculum and strive towards effective implementation.

I understand the need to stand out with unique subject names. But let us know that the Nigerian curriculum is developed uniquely for the Nigerian school environment. Hence, it has proven to work where you intend to test others.

Finally, names of subjects does not make a school stand out, but quality of delivery.

Download Scheme of Work – Nursery Science based on NERDC curriculum

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