Announcing the August Instructional Design Training

We are glad to announce the commencement of registration for our August Instructional Design Training (ISD). Registration commenced on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Unlike the previous, which was primarily for our Instructional Designers; this training, we purposely designed for all, to meet the various needs of every school’s classroom environment.


This is a week-long intensive training.  The elaborate content is divided into six modules – one for each day. Training for each day is to last for 3 hours. We further split the hours into three 1-hour units. Separate facilitators will handle each 1-hour unit. Each day, each module and each unit has clearly defined objectives with professionally crafted activities to attain each objective. We designed the activities so as to meet the different learning styles.

Date and Time

The August Instructional Design Training will hold from Monday, August 3 through Saturday, August 8, 2020. Training for each day begins at noon (12:00:00) prompt. All date and time is in West African Time. Participants agree to avail themselves at the right time for the training.


This training will hold on WhatsApp group. Our facilitators designed each unit to appeal to the learning style of each participant. The medium of this training will include text, slide (image), voice notes, video illustrations and practical activities. Participants will automatically receive the WhatsApp group invitation link immediately after registration.

Contents of the August Instructional Design Training

Instructional Design (ISD) is a broad field of study. In fact, it is an independent professional course of study in many universities across the world. And many independent institutions such as the Lagos Business School (LBS) offer the complete training pack for a good price. Such professional universities and independent institutions’ training span months to years.

Surely, this August Instructional Design Training does not promise to give in six days, what the universities give in years. Instead, it focuses on the aspects of Instructional Design that we can implement in our various classrooms.

Consequently, there are six broad themes for each module of the training. The themes are as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of Instructional Design
  2. Principles, Means and Methods of Instructional Design
  3. The Instructional Design Model for Nigerian Classrooms
  4. Integrating Instructional Design Models into Lesson Planning
  5. Psychology, Philosophies and Theories of Learning
  6. Practice of Educational Theories

NOTE: These are broad themes. Each theme has 3 units and several sub-units underneath.

Aim of the Training

Although it is not unknown to Nigerian educators that there different kinds of learners in every classroom, majority of our classrooms do not currently accommodate all of the kinds of learners. This means fewer students are able to get the best out of the lesson. in addition, our classrooms have been unduly too inclined towards cognition at the expense of skill and character development.

Therefore, the major aim of this training is to help educators plan their lessons to the seconds based on proven educational theories that ensure equal learning opportunities for all learners to develop not only their mental skills but also physical and character.

The major question that the training aims to answer are How:

  1. can we offer equal learning opportunities to every learner in the class?
  2. can we professionally ensure that every learner get the best of every lesson, and permanently so?
  3. do we set separate but interrelated objectives for the three education domains in every of our lessons?

Many professional issues are buried in the answers to these questions. And we will explore all in detail during the training.


To register for the August Instructional Design Training, kindly click here. After you make payment, you will automatically receive the invitation link to the training group platform. Alternatively, contact us on WhatsApp direct payment.


Certificate of participation is available for the training at the cost of N500 only. It is however only available to those who will actively take part in the training. We will give out the methods of paying for the certificate during the training.


      • Training Manual and Lesson Plan Template – N500
      • Daily Motivation Extras
        • The Special Mandates of a School
        • The Enterprising Teacher
        • School Administrators as Military Generals