What is the Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools?

This standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools is a pattern for teachers to use in writing their lesson plans.. This template is standard because it contains all the standard components of any lesson plan. It is also professional because this template incorporates some learning theories at lesson-plan level .

Teachers use the Standard Lesson Plan for Nigerian Schools to create their lesson plans. They do this by filling in the lesson-specific values of the standard components of lesson plan. This is done in a clean and professional layout.

Components of this template

This template contains all the standard components of any professional lesson plan. The learning objectives section is neatly divided into the three educational domains. This is in order to make the teacher intentional about setting separate objectives for each domain.

In addition, the template clearly split the lesson development into steps, beginning with set induction or warm-up in step one. Every step of the lesson development ends with the standard Assessment for Learning (AFL).

A particular features of this template is the notes feature. The notes feature enables the teacher to write out the note on the topic which he or she intends to give to the students. This will help the teacher to put everything in one place. It will also help supervisors to know exactly what the teacher is teaching the students.

The second unique feature of the template is the summative assessment feature. This feature helps the teacher to spell out the test s/he will conduct at the end of each lesson. In addition, the feature allows the teacher to evaluate his or her lesson. S/he does this by taking proper inventory of the class overall performance. There are fields for set pass mark, percentage pass and failure, the highest and lowest score.

Finally, there is a well-defined field for the head of department to mark/remark on each lesson plan. The head can do this before and after delivery, based on the class performance in the summative assessment.

This is a true tool for accountability.

Who is the Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools for?

The Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools is for individual teachers, school administrators and school owners.

Individual teachers this to make their work easier, faster and professional. Also, school owners and administrators buy it and distribute it to their teachers to make them write according to standard. 

How to use the Lesson Plan Template


If you do not have or use computer to create lesson plan; you can print this template and manually write your lesson plan as you normally do. Otherwise, you can write the plan right in the template with your computer; print and submit or remotely submit directly to your head of department.

School Owners/Administrators:

You can print this template and distribute to your teachers to manually create their plan. Alternatively, you can send the template directly to your teachers to create their lesson plans by editing it. Better still, you can share the template to your remote workgroups and let your teachers remotely plan and submit their plans.

How to get the Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools

This Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools cost N 300 – three hundred naira only. Click here to download the template. Alternatively, contact me on WhatsApp.