July 2020

2807, 2020

Meaning of Instructional Design

Meaning of Instructional Design in brief In this post, meaning of Instructional Design, I give the simplest but professional meaning of Instructional Design. I present the meaning in a way that non-education professionals will easily understand. In conclusion, I briefly state a difference between Instructional Design and Lesson Planning. Introduction Read More

2107, 2020

August Instructional Design Training

Announcing the August Instructional Design Training We are glad to announce the commencement of registration for our August Instructional Design Training (ISD). Registration commenced on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Unlike the previous, which was primarily for our Instructional Designers; this training, we purposely designed for all, to meet the various Read More

2007, 2020

Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools

What is the Standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools? This standard Lesson Plan Template for Nigerian Schools is a pattern for teachers to use in writing their lesson plans.. This template is standard because it contains all the standard components of any lesson plan. It is also professional because Read More

2007, 2020


Introduction to this Lesson-Note-Nursery-One-Third-Term-Mathematics-Week-2 I wrote this Lesson-Note-Nursery-One-Third-Term-Mathematics-Week-2 based on the Nigerian National Early Childhood Education Curriculum. Particularly, I used the Pre-Primary Teaching Schemes that the Education Resource Centre, Abuja developed. However, this scheme is the same as those of the other 36 states’ education resource development centre. Nonetheless, I Read More

1807, 2020

Nigerian Government Educational Malpractices

This post with keywords, Nigerian government educational malpractices in brief This post, Nigerian government educational malpractices describes the major educational malpractices by the government of Nigeria. It also shows how these malpractices have contributed to the fall of the quality of education in Nigeria. In conclusion, this post details how Read More

907, 2020

Meaning of Quality Education in Nigeria

This post, Meaning of Quality Education in Nigeria – in brief This post, meaning of quality education in Nigeria, is one of the fundamental principles – in the Nigerian education reformation. To us – the education reformers at LeadinGuides – the meaning of quality education in Nigeria is the same Read More

907, 2020

Say Not To Rape by RullDee aka IgboBoyWeyDeyRapHausa

Say No To Rape by RullDee aka IgboboyWeyDeyRapHausa The IgboboyWeyDeyRapHausa, RullDee, has just lent a voice to say NO TO RAPE. This piece, SAY NO TO RAPE is in respect to all victims and deterrent to all perpetrators. Listen, download and share till it get to where it get to Read More

607, 2020

How to Mark Daily Attendance Register

This post with keywords, how to mark daily attendance register in brief This post, how to mark daily attendance register is a guide for new teachers. It gives a concise definition of attendance register. The post also discusses the importance of attendance register. Finally, this post guides (new) teachers on Read More


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