The Instructional Design for Nigerian Classrooms Webinar

The Instructional Design for Nigerian Classrooms Webinar in one sentence

This post with keywords: Instructional Design Nigerian Classrooms Webinar, identifies the categories of Instructional Design Models and clarifies/specifies the type that the Instructional Design Nigerian Classrooms Webnar targets to teach the participants.

ISD at the beginning of Modern Education

From Sparta to Athens, and from Rome to the ancient Egypt of the Nubian; teachers have had to devise means and methods of breaking down their instructions into such a form as will be readily understood by their apprentice.

We read Microbius Ambrosius Theodosius adopt a rather military approach in training Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis into one of the best lawyer and orator of his time. What’s the link between military and oratory/wordmanship really?

Such is the extent to which instructional designers go in making training/education worth its best for the learner – connecting the dots between the unlinked and aggregating parts and pieces into a holistic body of knowledge and learning experiences to the enjoyment, nourishment and wholesome development of learners.

Types of Instructional Design models

The vast education needs occasioned by the WWII lead to an avalanche of Instructional Design models – drawing off course from the ancient foundations hitherto stated. For most modern pedagogy and pedagogical agitations hinge on the statement, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember” which is attributed to Confucius.

Needless I say, is that the time we are currently in – of the COVID19 pandemic – is economically akin to WWII and of the aftermaths will be increase in demand for Instructional Designers – to close the increasing education gap.

The post-COVID19 economy and implications on ISD

Economists continue to forecast the immediate economy that will follow the pandemic. Corporate organizations will downsize and incline towards efficiency. Many SMEs – under which majority of private schools fall – will find it difficult to operate. This will eventually tell on the employees – it could mean retrenchment. To cushion this, organizations will require the service of Instructional Designers – even if we do not know them by this term in Nigeria – to attain efficiency. Anyone that is familiar with corporate life cycle and risk management will attest to this. There is high tendency that the organizations that will not go this way may foreclose.

The numerous Instructional Design models that followed the WWII are categorized into four to meet the various areas of demand/application of Instructional Design.

The first is the product ISD models – these are the models that Instructional Designers adopt to meet the needs of corporate organizations for ISD. Following this is the Instruction Systems model which designers adopt to create a complete training course. We have the Trends and Issues models which is adopted to create instructional materials that meets a particular trend. The last is the classroom models. The Classroom ISD models are specifically for teachers. Teachers use it to craft the best learning experience and which attain lesson objectives for their learners.

The ISD Model for the Instructional Design Nigerian Classrooms Webinar

Since we announced the May Day Instructional Design seminar, we have received enormous message of interest and many have registered.

However, for transparency and integrity which is very important to us, we thought it necessary to clarify and specify the kind of Instructional Design which this seminar primary targets. As we have included in all our fliers for the seminar, this seminar is specifically for Nigerian Classrooms.

Since the last six years we have designed and developed instructional contents for Nigerian classrooms. We infused in the contents, many principles of classroom ISD models and educational theories. These have met overwhelming acceptance from several thousands of Nigerian educators and other members of the education community – as well as overseas.

In fact, the demand for our instructional contents has risen so high in recent time that we currently need more instructional designers to scale up our supply. Hence, the May Day Instructional Design Nigerian Classroom Webinar is train, primarily those that wishes to join us and then all other participants; how to incorporate principles of ISD models and educational theories into their instructional content in a way that makes lesson concepts is easiest for target learners to understand and remember.

You Can Still Register

We have six more days to the webinar, you can still join us – simply message +2348067689217 on WhatsApp or send email to

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