Sustainable-School-Growth-Part-1: Steps to Sustainable school growth

Sustainable-School-Growth-Part-1: in one sentence

This post with keywords: Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1 outlines the steps that school administrators and school owners may adopt to achieve sustainable school growth.

Introduction to Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1

This post, Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1, is the first of a 10-series post. The complete series will help school administrators and school owners to build a formidable school that will expand exponentially.  Following our independent education seminar which was held at FCAPT, Kano on October 1, 2019; many teachers, school administrators and school owners have requested for the manuals.

This particular 10-series post is an adaption of the manual on the topic ‘Sustainable School Growth and Multiple Streams of Income for Teachers in the 21st Century Environment’.  If you wish to have the manual, send me a message through the contact page, email via [email protected] or WhatsApp on +2348067689217.

Preamble to Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1

That there is and will always be prospects in the education industry is a fact that needs no argument. There are prospects both for school owners and teachers. However and just like any other industry, business in education is dynamic and follows certain principles. There are strategies to successful ends in education business. Unfortunately, not many school owners, administrators and teachers understand this dynamism and strategies for succeeding in education business. Hence, majority of education business stakeholders, especially upcoming ones, leave their success in the hands of uncertainty. Many have lost hope and quite a number would only say “I will do my best and leave the rest for God”.

Faith is good and I believe it is necessary for success. But I do not think there need be hopelessness and uncertainty in running education business. This is because there are empirical approaches to success in education businesses as in all else. In this post – Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1 – I hope to outline the steps that school administrators and school owners may adopt to attain sustainable growth.

Pre-requisite Knowledge for Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1

In this post, Sustainable-School-Growth-part-1, I use keywords like school growth and sustainable school growth many times. I assume that you already know exactly what I imply by these terms. In an earlier post, I clearly defined school growth and sustainable school growth. In the post, I also explained why school administrators should pursue not just school growth but a sustainable school growth. If you have not read this already, click here and have a quick read.

Steps in Sustainable School Growth

I believe that you are now convinced of the effectiveness of the people-oriented growth strategy. Hence, let us look at the steps to sustainable school growth in this strategy. However, before that; it is pertinent I make you understand that I do not teach nor promise miracle growth. No! Miracles have no principles else it wouldn’t be miracle. Consequently, you should understand that sustainable school growth requires considerably effort and time. It is guided by laws and practices. I condensed the proven practices and laws – which I call principles – into ten composite components.   These are not simple suggestions but success stories of different administrators and school owners. Although it is not necessary for you to perform all of these principles in the order I list them, I prefer to call them steps to sustainable school growth.

The steps to sustainable school growth are:

  1. School re-organization
  2. Collaboration with parents
  3. Collaboration with Students
  4. Collaboration with Teachers
  5. Collaboration with Community
  6. Build Brands
  7. Increase infrastructure
  8. Expand Cash flow
  9. Financial management

Invariably, you should be familiar with some of the items of this list. Nonetheless, you must understand that each item of the list is composite. In subsequent posts, the remaining nine of the series, I shall discuss each of the list items in details. Check back for continuation of the post.

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