Lesson Note – Week 1 Computer Studies for JSS 3

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Lesson Note – Week 1 Computer Studies for JSS 3

General Introduction to LeadinGuides Lesson Notes

This lesson note (guide) is based on the new Computer Studies National Curriculum for Junior Secondary School (JSS) 3 or Year 9.

The developers of our lesson note (guides) are veteran educators and professional instructional designers. While writing, they capture all three education domain viz. Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor – setting specific objective for each, where necessary. The lesson note guides also feature step by step guidelines for delivering any topic.

These lesson note guides will be useful to all teachers  especially those in Nigeria, parents who want to help their children keep up, school owners and school administrators who want their teachers to do things right.

For teachers and schools, it is important to note that the notes or guides do not favour a particular lesson plan format. Instead, each is a general suggestion that can be adapted to any format of choice – the school’s lesson plan format. The focus of the note is to provide enriched lesson content and then suggest ways of delivering such content.

Introduction to This Lesson Note

We (at LeadinGuides) have since 2014 joined forces with concerned educators to advocate the need for Career Guidance and Counselling (CGC) to be included as a subject in the national curriculum. Take statistics if you would, and see the many ‘wrong’ career decisions that Nigerian teens make at post-secondary level. You will see JAMB applicants who know too little career alternatives. It is certain, that you will also see many university students studying courses not out of choice but due to lack of alternatives. There is also the sect who is wishing they could choose another course all over again. The bold among the last sect usually drop out of a course at 300 – 400L just to start another course of interest all from the scratch.

The upshot of the lack of CGC in our schools is not good. For those that made initial wrong career choice only to change to another later on, there is loss of time and resources. And for the majority that proceeds with wrong career choices, there is little productivity of graduates. This does not stop with the individual. It also tells on the nation in general.

Our CGC curriculum is currently being test-run in some selected schools across the country. If you would like to have one for your school, please send us a mail at support@LeadinGuides.com or call/Whatsapp us at 08067689217.

This lesson offers opportunity for Computer Studies/Information Technology Teachers not only to open up to the students the many career opportunities in Computer Science/Information technology; but also to provide some general career guidance and counselling as well as specific career guidance and counselling in Computer Science/Information Technology. It is our hope that this lesson note (guide) will be helpful in this regard.

Should you find it helpful or not, do not forget to send us your feedback either in the comment section below or directly to our mailbox/WhatsApp number.

NOW THE GUIDE WITH KEYWORDS: Lesson Note – Week 1-Computer-Studies-JSS-3






AGE: 12 – 15 years

CLASS: Junior Secondary School 3/Year 9


SUBJECT: Basic Science and Technology

THEME: Information Technology/Computer Studies

TOPIC: Career Opportunities in Computer or Computer Professionals

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the students should have attained the following objectives:

  • Cognitive – the students should be able to :
    • Define Career
    • Define Computer Professionals
    • List and state the functions of at least ten computer professionals
    • Mention the factors to consider or the steps in choosing career paths
    • Mention the requirements for studying Computer Science/Information Technology at the tertiary level
  • Affective – the students should be able to:
    • Demonstrate likeness for careers in information and communication technology
    • (interested students) Choose IT career that is suitable for them
    • Pursue chosen career in information and communication technology
  • Psychomotor – the students should be able to:
    • Perform level-appropriate tasks as intending professional


To better understand this lesson, the students should know the meaning and uses of cmputer.

Instructional Materials

For maximum impartation, the delivery of this lesson requires charts of different computer professions at work.

Method of Teaching

The teacher shall deliver this lesson by direct induction and lecturing. However, evaluation   shall employ deduction method.

Learner’s Activities

The students shall actively participate in the lesson by listening, asking and answering questions.


This note is being developed. Check back for updates