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This post with keywords: Meaning-objectives-importance-final-year-project-proposal clearly defines what final year project is, what it sets to achieve and the importance of learning final year project proposal.


This article is the second of a five-series article of providing practical guide on how to write final year project proposal for Computer Science and Information Technology students.

Although this article is relatively independent and can be understood alone, you will get better insight after reading the first part. Click here to have a quick look.

So Let’s Begin, What is Final Year Project Proposal?

Meaning of final year projects proposal

A final year project is a document that students write during the academic year and submit at the end of spring semester (Qin, 2017). Spring is between March to June and September to December. Since academic calendar of tertiary institutions in Nigeria is not stable and subject to change, it is safer to say final year project proposal is a document that final year students write and submit at the first or second semester of the final year of an undergraduate programme.

Objectives of Final Year Project Proposal

Now what are the objectives of final year project proposals? What does it aims to achieve?

The project proposal typically contains outlines of the basic plan of how students expect to accomplish their final year project or its objectives thereof. It is a document that is meant to persuade the project supervisor, coordinator or panels of two things viz.:

  • That the work is worthwhile or a real contribution to a (unit or sect of) society such as organization, industry or people. Real contribution here implies that the outcome of the project is a solution to real life problem.
  • That the solution requires the application of technical or professional (computer) skills which the students had learned throughout the programme.

In other words, final year proposal tends to prove that the student intends and is capable to use what he or she has learned to solve societal problem.

So why is it important to learn How to Write Final Year Project Proposal?

How to write a final year project proposal is essential for every undergraduate because final year project proposal in computer Science and Information Technology has particular formal structures. There are formats that the student must employ and there are things that s/he must include. If these things are missing, then the project supervisor, coordinator or panel may reject the project which the student intended to do. This will mean that such student will be forced to undertake a project for which he or she has not adequately prepared or premeditated. And this could reduce the student’s chances of getting the best grade possible in the course.


As stated earlier, this article finalizes the ground-setting for the practical guide on how to write a final year project proposal. The remaining three articles in the final year project proposal thread will thrash the subject comprehensively but concisely.

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