First Term Number Work Lesson Note for Pre-Nursery Week 4 – 6

Class: Pre-Nursery Term: First, Week: 4-6 Subject: Number work Topic: Oral counting of numbers 1-20 Writing of numbers 1-5 Recognition of numbers 1-10   OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: Count numbers 1-20 Write numbers 1-5 Identify numbers 1-10 Demonstrate/internalize the concept of numerical values of numbers 1-5 […]



Every nations of the world whether regarded as first or third world countries are confronted with arrays of problems, ranging from social, economic, natural, moral and what a view. Many individuals have had to pay with their sacred life especially because they lack the coping strategies or because of weak infrastructural base to help in […]

First Term Pre – Writing Lesson Note for Pre-Nursery Week 4-5

SUBJECT: PRE-WRITING ACTIVITIES Term: First Term Week: 4-5 Class: Pre-Nursery Topic: Strokes making: Vertical, Horizontal, Slant Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to do the following: Cognitive: Identify the three straight line patterns in writing. Affective: Differentiate between the lines Psychomotor: Arrange sticks into vertical, horizontal and slanted position […]

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